About Us

The PAW Hands Free Door Opener is manufactured by Ceco Equipment Ltd., based in Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo. This device developed in response to Covid-19 easily fits to doors in approx. 5 minutes and allows the user to pass through the door without touching handles.


Ceco have been manufacturing and supplying a range of recycling and reduction machinery, such as balers, bin presses, bag presses and bottle crushers, for over 20 years. Our machines are to be found across all sectors, from retail outlets to hotels, bars, restaurants, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, schools, hospitals, airports, building sites, and recycling facilities.


Ceco’s range of machines include:
Balers, Bin Presses, Bottle Crushers, Compactors

Please download a copy of our Product Catalogue

Please visit our website www.cecobalers.com

Ceco are proud to have machines working in 43 countries throughout the world.

The PAW Door Opener from Ceco is unique in that it is the first of its kind that can be used with both latching & non latching doors.
Manufactured from stainless steel, the product comes with a lifetime warranty. All fitting hardware and instructions are included.
The hands-free door opener is an important device which will aid in the various stages of exiting lockdown, by helping to reduce possible transmission of germs, bacteria, viruses, coronavirus, etc.
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